About Us

Blixa 6 Studios is an award winning interdisciplinary identity design and development firm based in Berlin, Germany. Our mission is to empower and amplify the work of purpose driven entrepreneurs – whether creative professionals, tech junkies, wellness warriors or cultural change agents – providing strategic brand consultation and communication systems specifically tailored to your goals and unique identity.

What We Do

We create strategic brand communication solutions that cultivate authentic identities for the healthy growth of your business, product or enterprise.

Weaving insights and tools from the disciplines of design, business and fine art, we will help you develop fresh, innovative solutions specifically addressing your particular communication challenges.

By first unearthing and then expressing your brand’s essential story with compelling language and relevant visual systems, we will design a custom crafted solution that reflects your unique qualities, while facilitating the growth of your business.

We apply a blend of positivity, common sense and smart humor, preferring to use love to inspire people instead of fear.

About Amy Stafford, Principal

Amy Stafford is an award winning designer, multidisciplinary creative and identity development consultant based in Berlin Germany. She leverages over 16 years of professional experience in the world of identity and brand development, working for companies in creative leadership roles including Giorgio Armani and the think tank Arthesia AG before striking out alone to establish her own interdisciplinary studio.

Since 2003, Blixa 6 Studios has been providing branding, graphic design and conceptual development consulting to a diverse list of international clients from a broad range of industries – from finance and hospitality to NGOs, cultural creatives and independent professionals. Amy has donated her time, experience and talents to support many non-profit arts and cultural programs, most notably the Berlin based dance performance series LUCKY TRIMMER e.V.. In this enterprise she holds a seat on the board of directors, participating in the strategic development and curatorial board, while leading the brand development and wildly popular advertising design since 2004.

A thought leader and visionary, Amy’s artistic work has been exhibited in Europe and the US and her articles published internationally in magazines, journals and online. She has also held professor positions at art & design colleges and lectures on the topic of branding and identity creation to academic, creative and business communities.

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