PraiseSidePanel2“The new look you created for our web site and advertising in general really turned the corner for this company. You moved the print image into ‘lovely’ and I will forever credit you for that great improvement. Thank you!”

Sherrill Elliott | Seattle Bride, Historic Properties for Special Events


“It’s rare to find a person like Amy who has so much to offer on so many different levels; a person who is able to see each individual, project and organization for what it is, and who at the same time grasps and seeks out the potential that is there ready to be explored. This ability, combined with years of experience and various tools at her disposal allow Amy to guide and foster ongoing learning, making her an excellent leader, teacher, mentor and guide for clients and students interested in further self-knowledge and professional empowerment.”

Emily Poel | Licensed practitioner of the Grinberg Method


“Amy made us see our ideas more concretely and be able to put those into writing, eventually transforming into the company’s story. There’s a lot of background work that is seemingly invisible, but oh, so important. Amy made us see the importance of setting our story straight and making sure that all communications from then on matched the new brand we wanted to create.

Alonso Dominguez | Creative Director, Sugarhigh Publishing


“We were starting as a concept–not even a magazine, let alone a publishing company–and Amy was there to pull our thoughts together and help us transform them into more concrete ideas. She is able to listen, include you in the process and help YOU come out with the right ideas.  Instead of walking in with a ready-made strategy that may or may not fit what your company might be looking for, she works from the ground up to build a structure that works for you and your team.

Dr. Peter Hessen | CEO, Sugarhigh Publishing


“Amy’s easy conversational style,  simple questions and intuitive exercises helped me to unpack an otherwise complicated idea of what visual design I was attracted to. Her process of simple and precise inquiries, together with guided visual brainstorming was a great and relaxed way to understand more about my own visual communication needs. Also, through our conversations, I have a clearer articulation of the kind of design aesthetic which I feel reflects me and my work.”

Tommy Noonan | Artist


“Amy is wise, insightful and professional, while always injecting humor into whatever she does. Her broad base of experience and knowledge, combined with a passionate drive to inspire people to be the best they can be, is an asset to anyone invested in the development of their business and themselves.”

Tiffany Matson | Media Distribution Consultant


“Amy is incredibly creative and intuitive and has an uncommon ability to give the client not only what they need but also what fits.”

Gerard Reid | Partner and Founder at Alexa Capital LLP