07/2010 – Exhibition – Berlin: City of Oracles

Berlin: City of Oracles – a solo show of recent work by Amy Stafford, curated by Alanna Lockward was exhibited at Siguaraya Galerie in Berlin. It presented works on paper and installation that hilights a culmination 10 years of the artist’s careful observation of the messages gleaned from dreams and animals mapped across the city of Berlin. Additionally, a video documentary of Amy and her work was created by artist Osvaldo Budet for the exhibition.

City of oracles / Amy Stafford / Berlin 007 from Osvaldo Budet on Vimeo.

Interview with the artist Amy Stafford (U.S.A.) who exhibited with Siguaraya Gallery, Berlin, 2010. This interview is part of a series of interviews of international artists living and working in Berlin by the artist Osvaldo Budet. Directed / shot / audio / edited by Osvaldo Budet, Music courtesy of Moby/mobygratis.com, Curated by Alanna Lockward, sponsored by Videoartworld.com and Special Thanks to Siguaraya Gallery.