Technical Resources

None of us are islands – making a business run properly requires help from many different sources. Blixa 6 Studios could not exist without the contributions of many other talented people and businesses – from web hosts to template creators who have all, in one way or another, contributed to our success. Below is a list of some resources that we rely on and heartily recommend to you as well.


I LOVE Dreamhost. Since migrating my sites to their care in 2002, after many years of putting up with confusing techno-babble and run-around from my previous IP, I have been thrilled. Their reliability, ease of use, friendly service and prompt technical support make managing multiple sites a breeze – even without a technical bone in my body. Discover the human side of web hosting with Dreamhost. They live up to their name, and then some!
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Graphpaper Press

Graphpaper Press offers a lovely range of WordPress templates designed for artists and designers and super friendly, easy to understand technical help. With their friendly assistance, I was able to craft my own website using their template Widescreen, with many unique customizations in just a few weeks.

Graphic River

As well as providing design templates for Graphic River, we’re also a happy customer – investing in some handy dandy templates and actions that make presentation design a breeze. Check out their wide range of goodies and see our own collection right under the name 83 Munkis, right here!

Code Canyon

A sister site to Graphic River, Code Canyon offers a wide selection of easy to use WordPress plug-ins and other code snippets to get the most out of your website.


Fun and friendly – plus you get a little monkey feeding you cheeky comments in the corner of your window – what more can you ask from an online e-mail service! Besides the standard offering you would expect, of course, including tons of great customizable templates for your newsletters, list segmentation, auto-responders and handy merge tags.


Note: Blixa 6 Studios is proud to offer these affiliate links for excellent services we ourselves use. By following these links and investing in thier products or services, we receive a small percentage from the affiliate.  Its a great way to help grow your business and also support this site.  A win-win for everyone, wouldn’t you agree?