Presentation Tools

Sometimes you have a project that needs to be shown in its best, most flattering light, but you don’t have the time (or budget) to hire a designer to whip it into shape for you. Maybe you have a collection of photos that you want to share with your friends or family and want use a cool template that you can customize yourself. Perhaps you are giving a presentation at an industry conference and want your ideas to look smart and sophisticated without having to make something from scratch. You want to use a great looking, powerful presentation template that you can quickly and easily apply to your content and feel confident that your presentation will be engaging, professional and memorable.

If this sounds like your kind of situation, try one of these specially designed presentation templates for Keynote and Powerpoint. Elegant, smart and affordable, each of these 83 MUNKIS / Blixa 6 Studios designs, available from GraphicRiver, comes with a comprehensive user guide and tons of useful features to help you create a unique, powerful and successful presentation.

Wow your audience with WATERCOLOR, a stunningly creative and easily customizable HD  template available for both Keynote and Powerpoint, developed in three unique color systems. Mix-and-match the additional 64 hand made graphics to fully customize your presentation and show your ideas in their best light. In just minutes you can insert your images, text and even videos into their placeholders to create a professional, memorable show.

Specifically tailored to present information about fresh ideas, social media, digital content and user statistics, OUT OF THE BLUE  gives you the tools you need to create a great showcase for your ideas and information in no time. Available in both Keynote and Powerpoint.

Impress customers, clients, associates and prospects with FRED, a hip new design for both Keynote and Powerpoint, inspired by Mad Men and mid-century modern designs. Specifically tailored to present information about social media, digital content and user statistics, this set of fun retro layouts give you the tools you need to quickly and easily create a great showcase for your ideas and information.

VINTAGE PHOTO ALBUM is an to use set of Keynote Presentation Templates complete with two great versions of a vintage photo album – with black pages or adhesive sticky dots like old albums from the ’70s. Quickly insert your photos and create a fun and exciting album of your favorite images. Create fun and realistic vintage photo albums you can share digitally with your friends, colleagues and family.

SPOTLIGHT is a fully customizable, high definition Keynote template that will help get your ideas into the spotlight. Ideal for live presentations, this set of elegant 1920’s inspired layouts will give you the tools you need to quickly and easily create an impressive show.

ARCHITECTURAL is an easily customizable high-res template for Keynote and Powerpoint. It includes 20 master slides with 3 unique color treatments with a clean design thats ideal for architects, engineers and anyone who wants to present their images and ideas in a clear, smart and coherent way.


RUBICON is an easy to use, professional presentation template for both Keynote and Powerpoint, with an edgy design.  The kit includes 13 master slides set for HD 1920 ×1080. With a textured and edgy design and three distinct color ways, your presentation is sure to be modern, unique and memorable. In addition to presentation templates, Rubicon also comes with a complete set of branded templates including professional proposal kit, business cards, background textures and Facebook timeline graphics to round out a consistent look & feel at an affordable price with one handy suite of tools.